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Welcome to the Video and Books page of  Preethi Fernando’s official website! Here, you’ll find a curated collection of videos, insights, and a showcase of the author’s published works. Whether you’re a dedicated reader or a newcomer to the author’s world, this page is designed to provide you with a deeper understanding of their creative journey and literary creations

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Full Video Preethi’s live Keynote address

at Alyeska Resort, Girdwood, Alaska, at the Alaska Association of Medical Staff Services, 25th anniversary

Educational Videos on Emotional Intelligence

Handling Change with Emotional Intelligence

The Art of Active Listening

A Basic Introduction to Emotional Intelligence

Books by Preethi Fernando

The Emotionally Intelligent

The Emotionally Intelligent Physician, Surgeon, Physician Assistant, Medical Assistant. Nurse, and Healthcare Employee" by Preethi Fernando/ Published on Novemebr 2nd,2023.

The Emotionally Intelligent CEO

The emotionally intelligent chief executive officer (CEO) leads with care. They understand the needs of the people they serve, they draw boundaries, they know how to say "no" with diplomacy, and they bring out the best in others...

Emotional Intelligence in Business and Marketing

Emotionally intelligent people are good at building relationships, networking, and nurturing long term trust. Successful managers, CEOs, sales and marketing professionals know that the key to success is to work harder on themselves than they do on their jobs...

Cultural Diversity

The workforce is becoming more global than ever. Remote work opportunities are at an all time high. The ability to work effectively and effortlessly with people from different countries and cultures can set you apart as a leader today. Every culture is unique...

Ghost Towns of the Rockies

Rocky Mountain ghost towns are filled with chilling, but captivating stories. Horace Tabor (in 1879) was said to be the fifth richest man in the United States; he wore night shirts with diamond-studded buttons. But in the silver panic of 1893...

17 Women Who Shook the World

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to achieve success effortlessly while others just don’t? In this motivational and historical book, discover how you, too, can master the inner abilities to become successful...
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