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History About my Piano Playing for Seniors

It all goes back to Sri Lanka, the land of my origins, and a beautiful country that I am proud to be a part of...

My parents paid for piano lessons, starting at the age of five, while I was growing up in Sri Lanka. Piano lessons were expensive and was a luxury for us. I know my mother gave up a lot of what she would have liked to enjoy, so that she could save money for my piano training in classical music. I am truly grateful to my parents...
After completing the ATCL Teacher certificate and Grade 8 Level from the Royal School of Music London, I came to America, on a full tuition scholarship, to study at Clark University, Massachusetts. I did Honors in Piano Performance. 

Turning my classical piano training (and all the time and money that my parents and I had collectively invested in it for twenty years) into income was a challenge.

My dream, from the time I was eight, while living in Sri Lanka, was to make it to Carnegie Hall in New York and to tour the halls of Europe as a classical pianist.
Alas, some dreams fail!

I never made it to Carnegie Hall.

By the time I graduated with a Master's degree in music from Tufts Univerisyt, Massachusetts, , I felt like a failure. My dreams had failed. The life that I had envisioned for myself, was not unfolding in the way that I had planned...

Sometimes, our visions fall apart. We arrive at our destinations that we have been preparing for 10, 20, 30 years, and we are disillusioned. We are not happy as we thought we would be. It is called "Destination meltdown."

Sometimes, we have to let go of the life that we have created for ourselves, in order to embrace the new life that is awaiting us...

When old dreams fail, start creating new ones...

There are times, when we have to leave our old dreams behind, our old lives behind, and create new dreams, and create a new life.

As an immigrant in a foreign land, I had the educational qualifications from excellent schools. but now, turning that education into self fulfillment and money turned to dust.
Broke, lonely, and desperate, I started to call nursing homes, senior centers, and Alzheimers places to see if I could play piano music- songs that I typically played by ear, and did not require any classical music training or degrees. They started to say yes one at a time.
I did this for about ten years. It was how I supported myelf through college, during my decade long years of joblessness, and tu supporting my two children. It paid the bills and gave me a sense of fulfillment. 

Sometimes, failed dreams, can be blessings in disguise. Today, twenty years later, I am grateful to God, that my dreams of playing at Carnegie Hall failed.
Now, I want to share my musical skills with others. Through Kickstarter I was able to raise funds to create an online portal of my sing alongs. Anyone can download and listen to my musical recordings for free. Nope, I am not charging a cent or a penny for it. It is all for you, for free.
I thank God for giving me my musical talent. I thank my parents for all their sacrifices, while growing up in Sri Lanka. I thank the mentors I met along the way, who helped me to believe in myself.

Always believe in yourself and have faith in divine power. 

When you fall into place, your whole world falls into place.

Thanks to all my donors who donated through Kickstarter, everyone can now listen to my recordings of old time sing alongs...

Click on any link to listen. Some have mltiple songs in one link. If the recording is not perfect, please bear with me. It is all a work in progress. I have done the best I can.

May you touch the lives of Seniors through the sound f music.
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