preethi  fernando
Author, Inspirational Speaker


To schedule Preethi  as the Keynote Speaker for your next conference or meeting, e-mail her at: . 
Ph: 970 663 4316

If you are a church, please state this in your communications. Fees are typically waived for church sponsored events beginning Jan 01, 2018.

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Preethi Fernando is the author of six books and an inspirational speaker. She received Stephen King's Haven Foundation Award, given to one author in the USA each year. She was also a recipient of the Carnegie Fund for Authors.

Originally from the beautiful island of Sri Lanka, Preethi now lives in  Loveland, Colorado.

Preethi inspires individuals and businesses to give it their best to produce the highest resulrs. We are privileged to have Preethi with us today.
Logistics and AV Requirements

Accommodation: A room in the conference venue or as close as possible to the conference venue will be provided by the conference host, if an overnight stay is required.

Transportation: Travel between the airport and conference venue will be covered by client or taxi costs. 

Audience Handouts: Preethi brings printed copies of audience handouts; this needs to be discussed ahead of time with the conference host. Matters such as number of attendees, length of pages and color/Black and White handouts. If the client prefers handouts to be donwloadable they can be made available digitally as well.

AV and Stage
Laptop, Dataprojector and Screen: In most cases Preethi will send her Keynote/Powerpoint presentation ahead of time and bring it on a USBdevice as backup. The presentation must be tested beforehand in order to avoid any glitches during the presentation. Preethi has a MAC

The event center can provide the kind of lighting that best suits the event. 

Microphone: Lavalier (lapel) microphone preferred. Hand held works fine too. 

Presentation Materials and Recording
Please ask Preethi Fernando for permission, if anyone wants to record the presentation.